Lorenzo the Lizard: In Search of What’s Mine

In my children’s book, “Lorenzo The Lizard,” I talk about how sometimes the things we search for are just within our reach. Lorenzo woke up and as he looked around, he realized his family was gone! He searched everywhere for them, but without success. Along the journey, Lorenzo gains valuable insight into his little lizard life.

This book was written in memoriam of my brother Lorenzo. It is a testament to his unyielding faith.

When Lorenzo was diagnosed with cancer, he became reflective over his life. Our conversations were inspirational. He always talked about what he was going to do when God healed him. I walked away from those conversations wondering what things I would talk about if I were faced with my mortality. I realized I wasn’t living. I was existing.

My dear brother eventually succumbed to cancer. However, the things he spoke of and the demonstration of his faith live on.

Because of him, I went in search of what was mine …